Veritatem [wey-ri-tat-em](N.) : Truth
solam [so-lam](Adj.) : Only

Veritatem Solam (Latin) translates into ‘Only the Truth’, intended to break the web of lies that have been woven throughout the history of humanity, with a wake-up call for a world biased by political, religious and moral deceit. Veritatem Solam furiously screams out the truth within their lyrics, express bottled up feelings in their music and all their stories can be seen in their performance, not only do they speak for all the oppressed and belittled, they do it with passion and absolute dedication to their message. For the truth can not forever remain in darkness, Veritatem take it on their sleeves to expose the lies and unveil the truth that has been long kept; undaunted, unafraid, audaciously and explicitly they shine the light for the rest to follow.

Founded in Cairo, Egypt in 2006, the band combines the sounds of old-school melodic death and black metal with technical and progressive patterns, resulting in a distinctive musical experience within the metal sphere.

Back in 2006, frontman Omar Assem started composing the music for Veritatem Solam’s currently existing songs, and in 2007 began the search for band members, not until 2013 that the line-up was complete with Bahaa’ El-Dahabi joining as Lead Guitarist, and Ali El-Rawy as Drummer.

In summer 2014, the band recorded a two-track demo named “Unholy Protrusions of Divinity”, and, in December of the same year, they headlined a major Egyptian extreme metal event called Walls of Death- a Ceremony of a Hatred Legacy; which earned them a positive response.

To quote Jorzine Online Magazine:

Original interpretation and fusion of their influences is something that can set them aside from a lot of good bands that play in the same area.

Bahaa’ and Ali departed in 2016, leaving only Omar and Salama. looking to rebuild the band again, they started looking through their friends and acquaintances for new band members willing to join and commit to the project; once and for all.

Finally, by the end of 2016, Rhythm Guitarist/Bassist Ali El-Hadidy, and, Drummer Michel Khater joined the band to once again have a complete, fresh line-up